Senior Market Analyst and Product Owner

  • Full-time
  • London - Remote - Product & Analytics

We are looking for a Senior Analyst and Product Owner who can work magic with data to help us

improve both our visibility of the market and the performance of our titles.

We are looking for someone proactive and motivated to push beyond accepted industry best-practice and build incredible tools to help move the business forward. We believe that having the right person in this role will have a huge impact on our success!

Working at TIC:

The Irregular Corporation is a successful independent games publisher, focusing on releasing original games for niche markets and communities. Find out more about us here:

We’re a small and nimble team of experienced professionals, with every member having direct input on strategy, decision making and company performance. Due to the success of recent launches and rapid growth of the company, we’re excited to be expanding our team!

We’re a remote working organisation, so you can work from anywhere. We use instant messaging, video calls and documentation to communicate, and we all get together in London once a quarter (frequency may change).The role will require occasional travel – occasional meetings in London alongside our quarterly strategy off-sites.

  • Responsibilities

    1. Title Forecasting & Performance Analysis

    You are responsible for curating, interpreting and presenting data to enable us to make strong decisions. You will:

    • Forecast title performance pre-launch
    • Forecast performance post-launch (Including marketing PPC data / ROI, etc)
    • Identify new opportunities based on data
    • Evaluate new title potential (Eg, Estimate market size, competitors, etc)
    • Monitor overall business metrics & flag trends / potential optimizations
    • Maintain & refine the weekly data-dashboard sent out to the business

    2. Product Owner for Data-lead Initiatives

    We want to build sophisticated tools and systems that leverage public and private data

    sources to improve our knowledge of the market and ability to predict future

    performance of all of titles.

    You will:

    • Define use cases & stories
    • Source, vet & commission External teams or freelancers to produce the tools
    • Efficiently manage a budget to maximize ROI
    • Pro-actively suggest new tools, systems, products and initiatives

    3. Market Analysis

    We are a commercially driven publisher in a fast-moving market, as such, it is important

    that we monitor market & competitor movements.

    • Provide forecasts, reports and analysis on Competitor title launches
    • Provide general market movement analysis
    • Identify high potential IP or Market Niches for us to invest in
    • Take on special projects from time to time (eg, analysis of prospective
    • acquisitions, etc)
  • Requirements

    • SQL
    • R
    • Python
    • PowerBI
    • Machine learning and predictive modelling.

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