12 reasons to work at Mediatonic

1. Work on the next generation of digital games

Be it on connected mobile platforms, social networks, home consoles or portable game devices, Mediatonic is at the frontier of digitally-distributed game development – so if you thrive on taking on new and uncharted platforms, you’ll be in your element.

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2. Work in the best cities in the UK

With offices in Soho (London) and Brighton, Mediatonic is slap-bang in the middle of the UK’s most creative areas. Plus, you’ll never need to eat a boring sandwich for lunch again, because both offices are surrounded by a frankly-ridiculous array of restaurants, cafes and food stalls - and with great transport links, you can live near or far without hassle.

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3.Enjoy variety in your work

Mediatonic’s work spans a wide gamut: from kids’ virtual worlds like Superbia to darkly comic games such as Amateur Surgeon Hospital; from free-to-play to premium; from games that run in the browser to games you play in the living room on Xbox Live Arcade. With short development cycles and an ever-evolving roster of work, there’s little chance of growing bored.

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4. Awesome social activities

Fact: we all really like each other. That means we hang out a lot, even when we don’t have to. So expect weekly pub outings, monthly company lunches, regular game jams, board game nights, D&D, and - best of all - karaoke.

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5. Fuse creativity + analytics

We combine a creative-lead development process with a deep understanding of player behaviour and psychology on all of our games – not just the ‘social’ ones. And you don’t have to take our word for it on the creativity front – check out some of the stuff that other people have been saying about us here.

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6. Work in an awesome office

Our offices are pretty sweet: open-plan and covered in awesomely inspiring artwork. Free drinks, fruit, and smoothies. A purpose-built games room. Chairs. Windows. A breathable atmosphere. You know, that kind of thing.

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7. Use cutting-edge technology

Automated server scaling, continuous integration, cloud services and cross-platform technologies using Flash, HTML5, native mobile and console – we’ve got some pretty nice tech, so come see what you can do with it.

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8. Work with world-famous brands

Ever heard of, say, Toy Story? Or Back to the Future? How about the Olympics, or Sonic the Hedgehog, or Moshi Monsters? And those are just the ones we can tell you about. Never endure another ‘You’re making a game about what?’ dinner party conversation ever again.

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9. Baffle people at dinner parties

Maybe you like those awkward dinner party conversations. Maybe you want to say, “I’m making a game about a pizza boy who operates on people with household implements,” or, “I’m making a game about a posh Victorian demon hunter who likes putting on plays,” or, “I’m making a game about tyrannosaur drag queens in space.” (Okay, that last one isn’t real… yet.)

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10. Work on the international stage

We design games to be enjoyed by people the world over, and work closely with our partners in Japan, the US, and Europe to reach that goal. If you’re interested in foreign markets and international playing habits, come learn with us!

11. Work, and then go home

As much as we like work, we also like the state of not work. We believe that a good work/life balance leads to better games, and schedule realistically and transparently to minimise work outside of working hours.

12. Trampolines

Let’s be clear: we don’t have a trampoline. But we like them, and we often wish we did have one. Did you ever see that movie, Big? That was a good film.