Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution

Wish upon a star… then smash it into oblivion

It's time to return to the dreamscape with Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution, the sequel to the smash hit infinite runner- Robot Unicorn Attack.

Evolve into a menagerie of robotic beasts, from the belly-flopping panda to the boxing gorilla as you chase the ultimate evolution: the dragonicorn! Pimp your game with hilarious power-ups that give your animals gliding wings, magic portals, explosive horns and slow motion escapes. Tackle truly terrifying daily challenges that will stretch your skills to the limits by forcing you to play upside down, jump across tiny platforms and complete time trials with an invisible unicorn.

And listen to that Erasure song.

All these features and more are just the start of the Robot Unicorn's evolution into something truly epic.

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