Mediatonic Video Game Tournaments

Posted by Ben - Thursday 31st July 2014


That’s a perfectly acceptable way to start a blog post… right?

Things get pretty competitive here at Tonic Towers, giving us an excellent reason to hold several video game tournaments during our lunchtimes. The question is, do we have tournaments because we’re competitive, or are we competitive because we have tournaments?

What’s great about our lunchtime battles is the camaraderie. Email chains become a veritable melting pot of gamesmanship (in jest, of course) as each player attempts to find an edge on their opponent. That being said, all the smack talk in the world can only take you so far when hadoukens are unleashed and sonic booms fly through the office with (amateur) surgeon-like precision.

The Street Fighter Tournament has been the talk of the office in recent weeks with the drama reaching a pinnacle at our summer party. It was on this joyous occasion that Tommy managed to snatch victory in a highly anticipated and close 'battle of the animators' against Hiren. This was early in the night though, and as the wars waged on our very own David & Goliath tale took place. To everyone’s surprise, James, not known for his street fighting skills, defeated Tommy using the only tools he had in his arsenal; courage and heart. This display of intestinal fortitude drew first gasps then cheers from a raucous crowd as the slain Tommy raised his conquerors hand, gracious in defeat.

In short, it’s been a lot of fun and a great way to unwind in our free time and prepare for an afternoon of game development.

As the tournament careers towards its final battle all that’s left to say is “Go for it man!

Delivery Outlaw out now on Android!

Posted by Ben - Thursday 10th July 2014

Ever wanted to know what happens when you crash your race-car into the courthouse without the fear of actual devastating real life repercussions?

Wonder no more, as Delivery Outlaw is OUT NOW on Android devices!

Here at Tonic Towers we’ve been working hard to bring you the finest slice of courier-based illegality our fevered minds can offer.

Already out on iOS, we've listened to your feedback and added some awesome new features to Jack Gunnit’s world. It's SPEEDIER (we requested our code team add 110% more 'oomph'... they love/hate that). There are collectable COINS (following the coins MIGHT suggest the best route through the level). We've SEPARATED tilt, acceleration and break controls, which we agreed would be a cool option for those crazy diamonds that want it that way.

If you're already playing Delivery Outlaw on iOS, we haven’t forgotten about you. Just jump to the options menu and select the new controls. Tilt/pitch on the left, accelerate and brake on the right. To make your playing experience even more thrilling, why not ride the lightning on the back of a Robot Unicorn, available exclusively from Lily's Loot in the Garage!

We would love to hear your thoughts about Delivery Outlaw and all of our games! Tweet us @mediatonic or like us on facebook/mediatonic

Hatoful Boyfriend - all you need is dove

Posted by Ben - Friday 6th June 2014

So… this is an interesting blog to write. Mediatonic’s dealt with inappropriate llamas, out of control stage hands, pizza cutter wielding surgeons and all sorts. The future could’ve held anything, so I suppose I shouldn’t be TOO surprised now that dating pigeons is on the cards.

Recently, we fell in love with Hatoful Boyfriend; a cult Japanese hit. It’s a visual novel based around courting the various birds of St Pigeonations high school. Explains itself, right? We're excited to announce that we're working with the creator, Hato Moa, and our chums at Devolver to remake the game and make it accessible to a much wider audience.

Well, Hatoful Boyfriend is an absurd premise, but once you go bird – nothing’s absurd.  The game obviously has a sense of humour about itself, however there is a surprising amount of depth with branching stories, multiple endings and even RPG style boss battles. Play your cards right and you can even doom the world to a pudding based apocalypse.

At Mediatonic, we love a little humour in our games, so the premise won us over immediately, but the story and gameplay continue to deliver beyond the comedy set up. It was love at first sight which is increasingly hard to explain to friends and family.

Plan your schedule carefully and make the most of your school club activities to max out stats and win the heart of the feathered companion of your choice. You’ll need to earn multiple endings with various members of the flock to figure out the larger story and fowl play behind the machinations that put a human girl on the attendance list for St Pigeonations…

We’re preserving the original charm of the birds themselves, but recreating the rest of the art in HD and rebuilding the game from the ground up for Steam and modern platforms! There are things we’re still finishing up, but you can expect Hatoful Boyfriend to take flight on Steam, GOG, the Humble Store and a variety of accessible platforms in the very near future.